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Trikhos Gr. n. - Hair,    lójik'l Gr. adj. - pertaining to the doctrine of

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The Society is an Independent Autonomous Professional and Educational Body.
            Member groups include the following orthodox disciplines associated with human scalp and hair
         in health disease and distressed circumstance

Authors (Medical & Scientific)       
             Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical Chemists
            Laser Consultants
           Hair Mineral Analysts
           Hair Restoration Surgeons
            Medical Herbalists
               Micro-pigmentation specialists
            P.I. Lawyers & Barristers
            Research Scientists
           Trichologists (TTS Graduates)
              Hair Systems, Bandanas and Wig suppliers
              Website Specialist Consultants

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        About The Trichological Society  About Trichologists  •  Accelerated Vellus Syndrome  
Acne Keloidalis Nuchae   Acne Necrotica Miliaris  Acquired Hypertrichosis Lanuguinosa Afrohair
Androgenic & Androgenetic Alopecia
•  Androgenetic Baldness (Males) • Androgenetic Baldness (Females) • 
Anagen Effluvium
• Anorexia-Hairloss • Albinism-Hair • Alopecia Areata •  Alopecia Totalis
Asymmetrical Hairloss • Beard & hair transplantationBulimia
Chemotherapy and Hairloss •  Chemotherapy/Alopecia Headwear
Cicatrical Alopecia Cloning Hair-follicles
Complaints against hair-clinics • 

Complaints against wig-suppliers • 
Consultant Practitioners(world-wide) • 
Constitution Cosmeceutical Products • Cradle Cap (Vernix Caseosa)
 DandruffEating Disorders & Hairloss
Education in Trichology• EthicsExpert Witness Services (UK)
Facial HairFavus • Female Hairloss • Folliculitis DeCalvans
Founders of The Trichological Society
Grey/White HairGreen Hair
HairHair-Follicle Morphology     Hairloss in Women • Hair Breakage
Hairdressing Sciences (Chemistry)Hairdressing Sciences (curly perming)
Hairdressing Sciences (colouring-decolouring) •  Hairdressing Sciences (Permanent waving)
 Hair Colour (Pigmentation) • Hair dyes Hair and Scalp Damage Litigation
 Hair Mineral AnalysisHair Replacement (non-surgical) •  Hair Transplantation Utilising Beard Hair
 Hair Restoration Surgery Hair Restoration Surgery (Tutorials/Seminars/Conferences) •
Hair: Socio-Cultural perceptions Head Lice Herbalists and Trichology
Herpes Zoster (Shingles)Hirsutism/Hypertrichosis
Hyperkeratosis Cystica Follicularis
Idiopathic Trichoclasia •  ImpetigoIron-Hairloss •
Join The Trichological Society
 Laser Hair Removal Practitioners (Medical)
 Leucotrichia (Poliosis) •  Lice 
 Lichen PlanusLitigation Matters • Loose Anagen Syndrome •  Lupus Erythematosus
Male Pattern Baldness
Media Enquiries •  Melanoma (skin cancer) and Scalp •  Members Page Monilethrix (beaded hair)
 News Page •  Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers (NMSCs) and Scalp  •
Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems •   Nutrition •  Pediculus Capititis Pemphigus •  
Permanent-waving (Hairdressing Sciences) •  
Pili-Annulati (Ringed Hair)PityriasisPlica Polonica (Plica Neuropathica)
President of The Trichological SocietyPrinting Packaging Services (Medical)
PropeciaPsoriasis (Scalp) •  Pseudo-pelade (Brocq) •  Pubic Hair Restoration (Female)
Q & A •  Radiotherapy and Hairloss   •  Radiotherapy and Hair transplantation
Ringworm (scalp)  • Scarring Alopecias Seborrhoeic Dermatitis (scalp) 
Self Audit • Serum Ferritin •
Shampoo Sciences (Regulations) • Shampoo + Salt •  Skin Surfactants and Shampoos
Services to the Public • Student Pages
 Telogen EffluviumTraction Alopecia Trichokinesis (twisted hair)
Trichokryptomania • Train as a Trichologist
Trichologist Trichological Practitioners •   Trichology
Trichonodosis (knotted hair) •  Trichoptilosis (Fragilitas Crinium)  Trichorrhexis Nodosa • 
Trichotillomania Tufted FolliculitisVernix Caseosa •  VitiligoWebSite Consultants • Wigs






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